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A modern Japanese horror movie about a man who possesses a doll that draws on his life experiences to predict the future. The man's life is shown in a postcard format, after which he dies. The man manages to acquire supernatural powers after taking possession of the doll and attacks his former wife and his best friend with his new, mystical powers. Plot summary Plot outline The film starts with two men fighting each other in a boxing ring. The trainer of the man (Abe) who is about to lose, shows his opponent a picture of his wife. In the years following WWII, Yamaneko Kawashima (Sakai), the main character of this film, is a young officer in the Japanese army and an officer in the Japanese occupation forces in Korea. Kawashima is also the only child of the couple who ran a local theatre that was devastated by bombing. Kawashima lives in a Japan devastated by war. While he is sent on the "germ" as a medic, he and his squad must hide behind an ambulance and pick off soldiers that the Russian army wants to capture alive. At this time, Kawashima is seeing a psychiatrist because of "nightmares". While the squad has been captured, the Russians ask for Kawashima in exchange for the Allied soldiers. Kawashima is forced to take a position with a Russian general in order to make sure that the Russians don't capture him alive. However, he escapes from the Russians. Kawashima reaches Japan, which is a Japanese internment camp. He travels by bicycle to his hometown, and finds his old theater where he lived with his parents. He revisits the theater, which is now in ruins, where he encounters the ghost of his mother. After that, he joins the army again. He fights in the Battle of Leyte Gulf (the Battle of the Philippine Sea) as a medic. After the war, he is discharged from the army. After a short time, he meets a woman named Haruko Miyata. Haruko is the widow of the former owner of the theater and his old best friend Shigeo. They become engaged. After this, Haruko is kidnapped by Koshio and the Kisho gang, who wants to rape her, but Shigeo saves her. He and the other members of the group threaten the gang members. He then takes Haruko away and returns to his hometown. However, he is no longer




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